Surviving After Surviving Breast Cancer


I’ve survived Cancer. Surgery is done. Chemo is finished. Radiation burnt me. Tamoxifen is in me daily. My hair is growing back. Done! Right?! I’ve done all the things my team told me to do. So it’s over, finished, the end! A thing of the past! I beat Cancer! Ya, no, it’s not over at all. 

So now what do I do??

I truly thought that once the treatments were over, so would Cancer be. I thought once the scars started healing, the body started getting healthy, and the burns faded, that life with Cancer would be over. I thought I’d get my life back. What I didn’t realize was that Cancer is never really over. Cancer leaves wounds nobody sees.

So…now to figure out what to do, from here on in ,with what cancer has left me. Search for ways to rebuild strength. Learn how to deal with fears of recurrence. Find strategies to cope with side effects from current medications. Figure out how to live again!!

This is my journey through the darkness to find my sunshine again.